What Your Nails Say About Your Health

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Most of us are unaware of the fact that the texture, color, and thickness of your nails can signify many health and respiratory problems and may inform you about the upcoming problem for better treatment and cure for time .here are few types of nail problems which are the main symptom of some serious health issue. If you see something that matches your situation then you must seek doctor’s advice as soon as possible.

White or pale nails

White nails are something white indicates many serious problems which are related to heart and liver disease. If you notice white nails more often then you must consult a doctor as soon as possible because white nails are also the symptom of hepatitis which could be harmful for your health as it treats these problems easily.


White Spots

White spots are not something serious in most of the cases it indicates calcium deficiency and to get rid of this one must add those food products which are good for your health and are rich in vitamins. Add calcium-containing food products and fruits to your daily diet as it will help in removing the white spots completely.


Yellowing of nails indicates that you may be going through fungal infection which results in brittle and dry nails. Yellow nails are most commonly seen in the people who drink and smoke in excess. If you notice yellowing of the nails then it is time to change your lifestyle and time to include healthy food products to your diet.


Blue Tint

When a person is not able to get enough oxygen then it affects the color of the nails. Blue tiny is one of the most common symptoms of an insufficient amount of oxygen in your body. Insufficient amount of oxygen can affect your body organs like heart and lungs.

Pitted surface

Pitted surface of your nails could be a symptom of inflammatory arthritis and affect our health in much disastrous manner. If you notice rippled surface of your nails then seek medical advice and go through a proper check up for avoiding any serious health problem.


Dry, cracked, brittle or peeling nails

Dry, cracked, brittle nails could be a symptom of many serious health problems which are related to heart, liver and respiratory system. But in the normal case, it is seen that these types of nails are due to overusing them or when you keep them in water for a longer period of time it softens and breakdowns more easily.

 Puffy nail fold.

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