10 Reasons Why You Need A Jade Roller In Your Life

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By now, there’s no doubt you’ve heard about the jade roller. Not only are they a hot topic by mouth, but social media seems to love displaying these little cuties. And there really is no denying that they look totally captivating.

And while there are always so many new beauty tools to try out, each one seems so exciting. Which can make it hard to decide which ones are actually worth the time and money. On top of that, there’s this thing called self-control that plays a role when it comes to not purchasing every new item that hits the shelves. It’s very tempting, I know.

However, there are certain tools that are worthy of letting our self-control slide just a little bit; because they totally surpass all standards; and I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s nice to know the product you’re getting is actually beneficial and will make you happy in the long run rather than just being some shiny new thing that ends up sitting on the shelf.

So, if any of this sounds familiar, you will be pleased knowing that a jade roller is something you’ll want to add to your tools ASAP. Not only are they beneficial, but they carry some serious visual appeal. And unlike other beauty tools, they’re quite affordable and pack well for travel. Now we’re talking!  To show you just how awesome they are; here are the benefits of having a jade roller in your beauty routine:

Soothes Sensitive Skin

Jade itself is very soothing. When you roll it over your face, it can help calm inflamed or irritated skin. For an extra boost, you can place your roller in the fridge for optimal soothing.

Increases Serum And Cream Absorption

The jade roller is often used to prep the skin for a facial. So while you have it in your own home; it makes it that much better. By rolling the jade over your face, it stimulates the skin which increases absorption. Which is not only awesome for your skin; but let’s be honest, serums are expensive, so we appreciate the optimal use.

Whether you often get facials or do them on yourself; this tool will extend the life of the service and your products.

Relieves Headaches And Sinus Pressure

By massaging your temples with the jade roller, it will feel similar to a deep tissue massage. While we tend to use our hands to ease to the onset of a headache, a jade roller creates a flowing movement that will alleviate pressure and pain throughout your head. Plus, it’s very relaxing.


Soothes Skin After Waxing

After you wax any area on your face, the skin becomes fatigued. Many waxing specialists use a jade roller to relieve this result after they wax their clients. If you do at-home waxing, follow up with a jade roller to ease redness and irritation.

Regenerates Your Glow

Anytime you use the roller, you will experience an increase in blood flow around the face. Which, in turn, brings the oxygen back to your skin. As a result, you’ll achieve fresh, glowing skin any time of year.


Detox’s Your Skin

By creating circular motions around your face, the jade roller helps massage and stimulate the lymphatic system. Not only is this incredibly relaxing, but it helps detox the body. And there’s nothing better than pulling all those toxins out!

Decreases Puffiness

Our face can be easily affected by what’s in our foods and the air around us. Which causes us to retain water and become puffy. But when you roll the jade along your face, it helps push out those extra fluids. Which in the end, de-bloats your face leaving puffiness a thing of the past. Heeeyyy!

Relaxes Facial Muscles

There’s no denying a massage feels good. And anytime you use the jade roller, that’s exactly what you’ll experience. By moving it gently along your skin, especially your jawline; you’re relieving any sore muscles or tension in your face. As a result, your skin gets a chance to relax and rejuvenate.

Speed Up The Healing Of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are just a part of life. But if you’re looking for a way to heal yours, a jade roller is a great solution. By rolling it on top of your chosen oil, it will help penetrate and absorb into the stretch marks.

Increase the Energy Flow

Oftentimes we hold tension in our face. This then causes blocked movement and energy. By using the roller, it releases and moves around the stagnant energy held in the face. In addition to increased oxygen, fresh energy is then delivered throughout the skin.

A jade roller is not only pretty, but it’s helpful as well. What’s even more unique is that it creates a zen-like approach to your beauty routine. So for anyone who loves improving their regimen, or looking for a more mindful approach; it’s a total win.