10 Wonderful Amusing Illustrations Every Woman Will Understand

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Women are usually very calm and patient but few situation in to which get stuck irritate them more than anything. Their tolerance level suddenly goes down when things do not go as they have expected or as they have desired the way things should happen. For instance during make over a woman want the professional look on her face but they end up looking like a dope. Here are few illustrations with which only a woman can relate to.

 1. Lip gloss+ windy days =disaster

Nothing hurts us more than our ruined hairstyles. No one wants their lovely hairstyles to get ruined. Windy weather and storms can ruin a perfect hair style. Nothing irritates a woman more than her ruined hairstyle.


2. Sleeping in hair rollers


Every woman craves for volume in her hair and due to this they sleep with rollers in their hair. But the outcome has always been the opposite of our expectations.  We expect volumized and bouncy hair but in reality it results in rough and ruined hair.


3. Trying to create a professional makeup look

A woman always wants to do professional makeup on her face but the result never comes out as we have expected. They never get their desired look.


4. What happens when you have thick hair


The main problem faced by woman having thick hair is to brush their hair in one way trip and sometimes brushing hair results in broken hair brushes. Nothing can hold their thick hair from the bobby pins to the rubber band thick hair has the ability to break anything.

 5. Why do they never end at the same time

Balancing the amount of shampoo and conditioner is one of the hardest tasks. It annoys women more than anything because after shampoo conditioner gives silky and shiny hair. The struggle of maintaining the balance between the two is real.


6. What can be worse than this?


A woman makeup kit is plays essential role in her life and her broken eye shadow and contouring powder hurts her more than any deep wound.

7. The best feeling in the world

Seriously, there is great feeling of relief than taking off your bra. Taking off bra gives liberating feeling. But until you don’t reach home, you won’t be able to experience this feeling.


8. Who cares? They make me look amazing


We all know that heels hurt and they are bad for us causing calloused but still popular in women because heels look good on us.

9. I hate drains

Women should be aware of drains when you are wearing heels as you will definitely stuck in the small holes in the drains and it could give a very embarrassing result. Their tottering heels stuck in the drain covers and sometimes break their lovely heels too.

10. Every woman is a work of art

Every woman is a work of art because before buying any cosmetic women check them million times of her hands or any other body part of the body.


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