11 Changes That Your Life Undergoes Once You Step Into Your 30s

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Life is a journey, and time passes by feeling the various emotions. There are so many stages of life, and it makes so much difference to us. There are 7 stages of life, and the age between 30 to 60 is what we call the 6th stage. In this stage, people get a bit more selfish and less social. This is why many people consider it the worst stage of life, but is it? No, it isn’t. It is just the period in which you undergo tremendous amount of changes. Be it your looks, or the way you look at things and the way people treat you.

Got confused? Then you really need to read this. Maybe, it’ll help you out.

1. Your body starts indicating that you’re 30

You’re not the same person when you look into the mirror, there are wrinkles and spots. Their are noticeable hair growth on unusual parts of your body where you would never want them to be. Your teeth, especially the premolars have artificial root nerves. You’ll feel the need to wear glasses. And those love handlings would become much smarter. Your eggs are dying and you need to freeze them asap.

2. Do i still need friends?

You’ll get rid of those fake friends from your life and you’ll be having only a few, but real and close friends. You start respecting quality than quantity.

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