14 Clever Hacks That Will Make Your Day

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Life hacks are the saviours in our daily life. Most of us are unaware that how helpful they can be. But ladies, you really need to have a hack list ready for yourself , in case you’re not a pro at handling hair and makeup. Here we bring yet another list of hacks that will save your day.

1. Use tape to get a uniform eyeliner

2. Tame your rogue hairs with just a toothbrush and hairspray- avoid looking like a porcupine

3. When your lipstick is on it’s end, but you can still see it in the jar. Try this trick

4. When you look scary while using white liner to make your eyes look pop, switch to the nude liner

5. When you use mascara once in a while and find it dried- add a few drops of contact solution or eye drops

6. Remove even the peskiest blackheads by using glue

7. If you’re a newbie with fake lashes , then curl it first so it goes in easier

8. If you don’t like pulling hairs out of your hairbrush, then put a tissue first

9. Why do you need a curling iron, when the straightner gives you amazing results

10. Or even a freaking bubble wrap

11. If you’re desiring a more pigmented look, warm your kohl pencil with a lighter first

12. If you feel that an eyeshadow color might just look awesome on your lips, just add a little vaseline and fulfill your desire

13. An old CD would work great as a shade palette

14. And the last but not the least