14 Tips to Help You Look Absolutely Perfect in Photos

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To look absolutely perfect and shine like a star, there our perfect poses to be maintained to look perfect in every picture.

The hands on the hips makes you look fat and gives a weird body shape. The elbows should be bend backwards, the nails should be shown and the face should be tilted a bit as shown.

Squeezing the waist gives additional folds to the clothes which make them look really bad.

An eye should be kept on the position of the hands- the hands should not be stiff, and the elbows shouldn’t be facing the camera. Make sure the wrists are always free and flexible.

The fingers should be softly touching the cheeks and the mouth should be slightly opened as pressing too hard gives an impression of aching tooth. 

The arms should be free but one hand should be on waist and not hanging around. And the face should be tilted to give a perfect shot.

The eyes shouldn’t be too big.A beautiful lips and soft look is always good to click on. And if possible the fingers should be touching the cheeks and mouth opened ( like wrist position).

Avoid squinching the eyes as natural look is always better.

Avoid hiding the face behind the hands. Follow the image on the right picture instead.

Show your waistline and not the stomach. Also make sure to give open poses and not closed ones as they give a tensed and a very turning off look.

Don’t give sullen looks as it makes the lips look big. Try to look into the camera and turn the body slightly.

It’s better to avoid raising the chin, until you are the spouse of tg

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