10 Amazing And Effective Beauty Uses of Vaseline! Beauty Tips!

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There are many beauty products available in the market from eyeliner and Kajal to foundation and concealer. These all beauty products are used for giving a beauty look to the face. Similarly, there are different creams according to skin types like oily skin creams, dry skin cream, moisturizing cream, etc. Vaseline is one such type of nourishing cream which has alot of benefits.

Lets have a look at these benefits.

1. Vaseline are a moisturizing cream which is very helpful in removing eye makeup. All it takes is applying little cream on the eye lids and moving the cotton over the eye lids and all the make up is gone. 

2. Vaseline is very helpful in keeping the manicure intact. It is recokmmended to apply little bit of Vaseline before processing the nails, to keep the manicure intact.

3. Vaseline helps in transforming the dry lips into the chapped lips. Specially during the winters the lips become very dull and dry. To get back the moisture and the softness, apply little bit of Vaseline on the lips and you will see the effective results in no time. 

4. Vaseline is very helpful in getting the moisture of the skin back. The skin becomes dry during winters. Vaseline helps in nourishing the skin by providing the oil. 

5. The Vaseline helps in making the fragrance last a longer time. Vaseline is to applied on the wrist before spraying the fragrance. 

6. Vaseline helps in exfoliating the lips and at the same time removing the dead cells from the lips. 

7. Vaseline helps in protecting the hair from dye chemicals. Hence it is advised to apply Vaseline before applying the dye on the hair. 

8. Vaseline works as an substitute for conditioner if applied on hair before using the shampoo.

9. Vaseline helps in giving the perfect shape to the eyebrows.

10. If the Vaseline is applied on the heels, it prevents chaffing, which in results avoids sore toes. 


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