14 Tips To Make Nail Polish Last Longer

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At times it can be pretty annoying to apply nail paints perfectly and find them cracked the very next day. Here are some tips to get rid of that

1. Don’t save money when buying a nail polish

Avoid buying cheap nail polishes as they don’t last more than a day. Go for nail polish that are used by professionals not the extreme elite polishes.

2. Take your time to do a manicure

It takes alot of patience to get the perfect manicure. As manicure is a home spa and meditation.

3. Do not steam the cuticles

Don’t fix the cuticles in steam or bath as they poorly fix the nail paint. Instead use special products that are available in the market.

4. Prepare a bridgehead

Use an antiseptic or alcohol before applying nail polish, or wash the hands with a soap.

Applying the base is always not necessary but it helps in making the polish last longer

5. Don’t shake your nail polish bottle

Roll you polish bottle between palms instead of shaking to avoid bubbles

6. One layer is not enough

One layer of polish is not enough as it doesn’t last lonher. Thick polish dry longer and also flakes off the fingernails.

7. Make pauses

Apply second coat of polish once the first coat has dried for better results.

8. Protect your nail polish

A good quality top coat makes the polish last longer so take care while buying top coat polish.

9. “Fix” the tips of your nails

Try fixing the edges of the nails with a coating. Always apply four coats of polish.

10. Do not dry your fingernails with a hair dryer

Let the polish dry naturally don’t use a hair dryer as it worsen the situation.

11. Protect your nails

Hot water and household chemicals damage the nails so always wear gloves.

12. Refresh the coating

Refresh the coating in every two days to make the polish last longer as it is painting the polish again and again.

13. Lubricate your nails with oil

Lubricate the nails with oil before a shower as the fatty layer of the oil still remains on the nails and water is very dangerous for the nails.

14. Shine

Shine your nails always naturally as glitter is distracting when trying to cover the defect.

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