12 Amazing Health benefits of onion

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Onion is one of the very basic vegetables which is used in n number of dishes. Be it salad, or to garnish dishes, one can always turn to onion. But, you an also use onion as a curing ailment and as a helping tool! Most of us remain oblivious to the magic that onion can work with regard to health. It has antiseptic and antibiotic agents in it along with high sulfur content which can help our body fight against parasites causing chronic diseases, like cancer.

Onion is an immunity booster, helps you to stop vomiting, is a great help to treat respiratory diseases and heart-related issues like cholesterol. It can even be a help while treating arthritis.

Here are some of the benefits of onions which can help you treat some health-related issues!


Cough can be hard to tolerate as it takes quite a bit of time for the medicines to work. You can treat a bad cough using an onion. Peel an onion and cut it in half. Put brown sugar at the surface and eat this two times a day.

Onion contains sulfur in it which can work many benefits like as a detoxifying agent. It has got anti-inflammatory properties and helps in getting rid of inflammation during a curbing fit.

Fight hair fall

In order to curb hair fall, boil some water with onion in it and use this solution to rinse your hair before shampooing. This will also help your to boost their speed. Onion cleans the scalp thoroughly, it helps to fight dandruff with its anti microbial properties. Antioxidants present in onion will help you stop hairfall and make your hair grow stronger.

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