Major Difference Between Being In Love And Loving Someone

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Love is the most overwhelming and powerful emotion. Love is defined for any relationship that involves nurturing, caring and putting the other person’s need before ours, it is not just shared between a couple but a divine love exists between parents and children, friends, relatives or even for pets! They are separated by a very thin line in fact, which is why we are here for. Here we have pointed out on certain things which can help you figure out your love for your partner.

1) Being in love isn’t by choice.

To love and to be in love are very different terms. It is very easier for you to love, but can be really difficult to fall in love, since you cannot decide with who you fall in love with. To fall for somebody takes it natural course of time, it can happen in a split second or can sometimes take a lifetime to realize that you might be in love!

2) Being in love means giving them priority

Now when you fall in love, that person becomes everything to you and it would be right to say that their happiness is the most important to you. You would plan surprises for them, give them gifts and would want to see them happy also being ready to make sacrifices.

3) True love never ends.

While in a relationship, it might seem that arguments and fights are inevitable but with the right understanding level, they can be easily avoided for people who might be in true love. When you are in love, it grows stronger and stronger everyday.

4) Being in love means maintaining balance.

Being in a relationship, couples ought to create a certain amount of balance in between them. Giving them space from time to time can be helpful in achieving this healthy balance.

5) Being in love involves emotions

It so happens that loving someone can also make them your weakness along with being a strength. Whenever it comes to them, you might end up giving in. You might feel more sensitive and emotional as compared to before but it is completely natural!

6) Being in love means making them feel special.

It is very important to be expressive while in a relationship, not necessarily vocally. There can be many ways in order to express your love to someone and make them feel special.

7) Being in love is about partnership.

If you think loving someone can give you power to control them, you are absolutely wrong. Loving someone means setting them free. This can help you share a beautiful bond with them and you can successfully partner together!

8) Being in love is effortless.

Being in love comes to you very naturally, any amount of efforts won’t suffice to the commitment requires. Just let things take their natural course. You wouldn’t realize when some one close could become the most special part of your life.


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