14 Ways To Make Your Lips Look Bigger With Makeup

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Most of us go crazy behind getting those full lips but not always do they have to be visibly injected to be getting super plump. While there might be a possibility that some of you had considered getting your lips injected to get those oh-so-full-and-glossy-but-yet-too-common lips, the fact remains that elective plastic surgery remains a major concern for the mankind. This is not to shame anybody who has ever gone through such things of course.

There is also no denying of the fact that we are all given our own set of features and we are all beautiful in ourselves. But, there is no harm in trying to enhance your own features using the aid of some makeup or even surgeries. Here we have for you some ways in which you can use makeup tot give your lips a fuller and plumped up look!

1. Wear Clear Gloss

If you are short on time and want to have rather simpler look, this is for you. You can wear a clear gloss on your lip which in addition to cushioning your lips would give it a fuller appeal effortlessly!

2. Exfoliate Them.

According to Marie Claire, exfoliation is necessary in order to achieve a fuller set of lips because it makes your lips reflect more light, just what a gloss does. Here is a DIY to get amazing lips in order to get off dead skin and make your lips as shinier as possible. After washing it off, apply a nourishing balm which would prevent it from drying out quickly!

3. Put Foundation On Your Lips Before Applying Lipstick!

Applying concealer before using lipstick helps in creating a uniform base and prevents the lipstick from looking like it has dried out, consequently, lips appear bigger in appeal!

4. Try Gradient Lips.

This effect works in helping your lips to look bigger! Concentrating the focus on the inner portion of your lips and giving your lips omber-like effect would make them look big!

5. Put Some Highlighter Right Above Your Lips

This particular cupid -bow would eventually help in making your lips look fuller and more defined than usual!

6. Or, Put highlighter around lips

Well, if you are opting out for this one, make sure you do it with utmost precision and does not end up having a shimmering ring around your lips. Remember, “less is more” and make sure you use the right amount in order to get your lips popping!

7. Overline your lips

This is also something you will have to be careful with while following. Because if one exceeds the right amount, it will end up looking bizzare. Doing it the right way will help you achieve the fullness.

8. Put a light-colored highlighter at the center of your lips

This is just a case of science where in if the inner portion is highlighted and is made light, it will create an illusion as if your lips were extending slightly more outwards that they usually do.

9. Draw an “X” on the center of your lips

This would help in defining your cupid bow really well which will make you lips look bulgy!

10. Or draw this…design

Well, a method does not necessarily need to have a name before you do it. Draw this design falling the steps and get that amazing fullness that you desire.

11. Contouring lips

This is done using two different shades of a color, light and dark, and outlining the lips with concealer to make them look well shaped.

12. Top Off Everything with Shimmer


Well, this tutorial does not use anything new. Using very basic things like foundation, highlighter, liner and gloss, you can achieve bigger and shinier lips. Apply shimmer balm it look well blended.

13. Apply lipstick with a lip brush.

This helps in the precision of lipstick as it prevents lipstick from going outside the lip liner applied.

14. Make sure you blend well

Well, you can use any of the aforementioned tips but unless you apply it well and blend it well, it wont be yielding results. It is said use little amount step by step and keep blending it to get the most out of the look!

We hope you liked it. Try these out and let us know how you feel about these in the comment section!

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