15 Life Hacks That Will Change Your Daily Routine!

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1. Remove Deodorant Marks

Sometimes so it happens that the deodorant we use leave white marks which we can sometimes avoid. But we can easily clean them away using baby wipes and if not so , a simple dry sheet will also remover marks!


2. Backless Dress

You can easily make do of a backless dress and use it in an all different way!

3. Sweater Sleeve

You can use an old newspaper or something hard or straight to help your boots sit straight in your closet without causing a mess!

4. Spray Your Tights

Soon when your tights start showing signs of tearing apart, you can use a hair spray to prevent them from tearing, or a clear nail polish can also serve the purpose!

5. Suede Cleaner

You can use a toothbrush or a nail filer to clear up your suede from tiny dirty particles and make it all go clean!

6. Wrinkle Free

Sometimes we are in such hurry that ironing becomes a great deal and we usually avoid it. Now it is simple, just hang outside your shower curtain or a towel rack.

7. Non-Skinny Jeans With Boots!

Who says you can not wear boots with jeans that are not skinny! Now you  can, all you have to do is fold the jeans very carefully and use socks and then wear them boots, or mitten clips can also be used to hold jeans in place.

8. Hoodie Hero

We love certain hoodies that we are afraid won’t last forever! Here is a hack to save your hoodie string from falling apart and destroying the look of your hood. All you have to do is paint over it with clear nail polish.

9. Ring Savior

To prevent our favorite silver accessories from acquiring a green color, which it naturally will because copper, you can apply nail paint on the inside of rings!


10. Rubber Bands on Hangers

 To establish a grip on your hangers you can use rubber bands, or make zig-zag pattern with a glue gun and let it dry!

11. Smells Be Gone

We face this problem very naturally. The smell from our shoes can quickly be gone by using dryer sheets or baking soda or even putting tea bags inside them!

12. Iron Shirt Collar

While ironing a shirt, we can use a hair straightener to iron the shirt collar, just button the shirt up and flip it inside out.


13. Double Closet Space With Hangers

Sometimes we find that we don’t have enough space in our closet. All you can do is use soda tabs onto a hanger and use it to hand another hanger. This is for the smaller closets!

14. Zipper Solution

A stuck zipper can cause panic right? Well, just rub it with a Chapstick or Vaseline or a Q-tip dipped in olive oil!

15. Heel Makeover

The scuffed up heels can be given a different look altogether. Just rub the scuffed part with little Vaseline and give it a great look with glitter!

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