Best Makeup Tutorials to Learn Makeup From

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Alot of beauty tips are available but not all of them are useful. Let us have a look at the most useful hacks for beginners.

1. How to Determine Your Face Shape


It is not easy to understand your face shape from photo and descriptions. We are gonna provide the best way to determine that easily!

2. How to Find Your Skin Tone

Know your skin tone to know the make up that will suit your face.

3. Find Your Makeup Color Profile

Along with your skin tone, know the color palette as to which colors looks best on your skin.

4. 9 Simple Steps to Perfect Makeup

This has all the make up steps, step by step and it is best for beginners.

5. Contour Your Body with a Self-Tanner

Use self-tanners to sculpt your body to give it a better tone and definition.


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