How to Treat Ingrown Nails..This Method Will Rid You From Unbearable Pain

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Sometimes the toenails get stuck around the skin around toenails and are called ingrown toes which is very painful. The result of it is tight shoes, not taking care of the feet and a high heel. It can lead to severe infections at times and these are more prone to women. The tips to treat them are listed below.

Hot Water Pedicure

To soften the skin around the toes, put salt in the hot water and soak your toes in.

Gather Few Things

Arrange some narrow tweezers, cotton balls and clipper and clip the nails and ingrown toenails to the extent possible.

File Ingrown Nail

Once the warm water softens the skin near toenails, it is easier to file the nails.

Lift Ingrown Toenails

Use tweezers to lift the toenails, apply an anti-biotic cream and place a cotton ball under it.

Apply Bandages

Use bandage to cover the ingrown toenails.

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