19 Makeup Tips To Make You Look Fresh

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We are all familiar with the experience of going to bed late and waking up to an entire day of tiredness. Coffee can help your body but not your face that looks exhausted. But here is the time when makeup is to help. And we bring you a compilation of these 20 tips about makeup that’ll make you look less exhausted and fresher.

1. Treating the dark circles using a concealer that is a shade lighter.

2. Highlighter to illuminate skin

3. Larger eyes to look awake

4. Mix of concealer and highlighter to illuminate face

5. White pencil on inner corners for larger eyes

6. Products to look awake

7. Highlight your eyes

8. False lashes to look fresh

9. Curling of lashes

10. Blush for glow and anti dullness

11. Strobing instead of contouring

12. Color containing concealer

13. Facial mist to revive yourself

14. Highlighting your brows

15. Summer look on chilly days

16. Crease proof under eye area

17. Light eyeshadow to look bright

18. Bronzer application

19. Bright lipstick

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