Know Your Health Index With Your Natural Lip Color

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It won’t surprise you that when something or the other is wrong with your body, it sends you the signals via symptoms. Change in the color of your lips can be one of them. So do not ignore this article if you are a health conscious person. And maybe you get to know something that will make you run to the doctor immediately. Well, don’t be scared and just have a look.

1. Pale lips

Pale lips are usually a consequence of low RBC that may cause fatigue and a feeling of being tired constantly. You need to restore the amount by having a diet rich in iron.

2. Red lips

Red is often a very classy shade when it comes to lipstick, but if your natural colour of lips are close to it, you need to go for a liver checkup as something is definitely wrong with it.

3. Purple lips

It’s ok if your lips get a slight purple shade when the weather outside is very cold. But if it stays too long, you need a heart checkup as purple lips are a sign on bad blood circulation .

4. Dark red lips

It’s not cool if you own dark red lips , because then their is something seriously wrong with your digestion. It’s time that you reconsider what , when and how you eat.

5. Purple outlined lips

If you have been going through a lot of stress, then you might see this purple outline around your lips. But this is easily solved by taking rest and by relaxing.

6. Pink lips

Congratulations to this lucky person who got natural pink lips. You have nothing to worry about as you are absolutely healthy.

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