5 Products That Women Use But Don’t Know The Functions Of Their Specific Parts

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There are several things we use in our day to day life, that has parts that we find of no use, but in reality, maybe we’re wrong. Maybe they have uses that we never thought of. So, let’s discuss 5 such products parts that you may not be knowing use of.

1. The pockets on your panties

The pockets on female underwear are added to enhance the comfort level. This layer is made of soft cotton and it’s not sewn down in order to make them more comfortable.

2. The diamond shaped holes on backpacks

These holes were used as a camping equipment for hiking and the backpack used to get tied easily due to these holes.

3. Bobbles on hats

Nowadays, bobbles are just an aesthetic feature. However, back then in 19 th century , it had safety purposes. At that time, the cabins in the ships had a low roof, and the bobbles were added as a protection for the french sailors.

4. Lines on trousers

It first appeared in Europe in the late 19 th century. After making a pair, the trousers were folded and sent on a long road to countries around the world. Even though they spent miles on the road, the trousers always had the lines. After a while, people accepted them as they were and trousers came with lines.

5. Line on toothpaste

Many people have a misconception that bar codes represent the quality of toothpastes. They’re actually bar codes that are used by the machines that produce the packaging and cut the tubes.

6. The hole on lolipop stick