Do You Want To Know Why Late Marriages Are Happier?

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Marriage is an amazing bond to be considered. It is said to be a pure ritual in which two literally unrelated people tie the knot and live happily ever after. Well, this happily ever after isn’t in real a happy experience for many people. The reason? A psychologist says that early marriages are more prone to break than the late ones. Their are certain aspects that one needs to consider with respect to this point. And we have all the positive reasons for the success of late marriages.

1. Love helps with self development

When you marry late, you’re much likely a mature person and you don’t get protective for your bad habits. If you have any drawbacks, you willingly accept them and are open to any kind of positive change.

But the opposite is most likely to occur in marriages that happen at early age. Your partner will want you to accept them as they are and suggests you put up with their bad habits, your relationship won’t develop, and you will become strangers to each other.

2. To love means to give

The art of giving is the best part of love. Infantile people always try to just take love and don’t care about reciprocating it. A self-sustained person doesn’t look for inspiration in their partner and doesn’t try to fulfill the emptiness in their soul with them. In his book “The Road Less Traveled” ,psychologist Morgan Peck calls such a painful addiction “a form of antilove.” So don’t be shocked, if you’re always left begging or alone in adverse situations.

3. Willpower is the main aspect of love

What makes a big difference between early and late marriage is willpower. The components of a mature relationship are common goals, a sincere desire to be together, and focusing your attention and energy on one and the same person, even if there are temptations and hesitations. However, in immature infantile relationship , people just care about their ego and self esteem.

4. Love is to work hard even in hard times

A relationship is like a plant, that you need to nurture everyday. There should be constant contact and discussion about things that are ruining your relationship, one way or the other. At times, it becomes difficult to tolerate each others company, but that’s the time you need to discuss things the most. Patience and attentiveness is key to everything.

5. Love is responsibility

It’s a very secure feeling to be able to rely upon someone. And being a reliable person is also equally important for a relationship to work. If your partner is ready to take all the responsibilities of a partner, consider your relationship to be a serious one, else otherwise.

6. Respecting each others individuality

A mature person knows the importance of personal space , as that’s very important in a relationship. They have sorted their goals and have found themselves , therefore they respect others interest also.

People who are only preoccupied with their own interests aren’t ready to listen, understand, or admit to anything.

7. Love can’t protect you from getting hurt always

Getting hurt or disappointed is pretty normal , and not even the closest person to you can save you from it. So, you need to be strong and independent. It’s good to have someone to rely upon, but not everyone will help you and not everytime. And blaming is the last thing you’d like to do , if you want to save your relationship.

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