6 Ways To Lose Pregnancy Weight

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Pregnancy is a stage where a woman changes emotionally and specially physically. Pregnancy affects women from their head to their toe. Changes like her heart beat speed and increase in the size of their belly. but these changes affect woman mentally too, after pregnancy they tend to lose their self confidence and self esteem due to the excess fat generated in the belly. Here are few exercises that a woman can perform to reduce the belly fat to regain her self confidence.

1) “Kegels” The Exercise Targets Your Pelvic Muscles. Here’s what you have To Do:

kegel exercise prevent or treat urinary stress incontinence during or after pregnancy by strengthening the pelvic muscles. it improves and maintains the bowel and bladder functions.

Way of performing:

  • Contract the muscles around the back passage and vagina and you will get the feeling of lift while doing this.
  • Now hold this position and count to five and then relax your muscles.
  • Take some rest before starting another kegel exercise and perform 3 to 4 kegles in a row for a few times.
  • Gradually increase the seconds of squeezes you perform each day.
  • Once you reach the limit of 10 seconds each day then increase the number of kegels you perform each day.

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