7 Strange Wonder Seven Makeup Mistakes

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We all want to look stunning. And we girls are always ready to enhance our beauty skills. For that we use makeup and there are times when we do a lot many makeup mistakes. Here is the list of wonder seven makeup mistakes are done by us.

Waterproof Mascara: I know it always looks good to wear waterproof mascara. However, it is not the best thing to do on daily basis. Since it is too hard and can break the lashes. Try to wear the waterproof mascara only while attending some parties.

Using a Brow Pencil: Using an eyebrow pencil will make it look like unnatural and overdone. Instead of using a pencil to fill your brows, use a powder and brush, and stroke it to get better results.

Using Expired Makeup: Listen, girls, there is an expiry date for each and every makeup product. I have seen many girls using an old mascara, kajal and eyeliner. This is the worst thing we give to our face. Starting from the very basic primer, foundation, lipstick, please make sure to check the expiration date of those.

Using the Wrong Primer: Well! We all know that we need to put some primer before applying the foundation. But have you ever considered the ingredients used in the primer and foundation? They should be similar if used together.

Wrong Way to Apply Eyeliner as per Eye Shape: This is one of the major mistakes. You should be aware of the eyeliner and the eye shape that will go along. Check the image.

Testing Foundation on the Back of your Hand: It is perfect to check the makeup before you purchase that. But make sure that whenever you are trying to match the foundation colour, go for the jawline instead of the back of your hand. Since these two shades can be different.

No Makeup Settling: When you are giving enough time to apply concealer, foundation then why to waste these efforts by not setting it with a finishing powder!




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