Body Parts Tells A Lot About Your Personality

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Basically, our personality traits tell a lot about your personality. There body parts and body language that is fair enough to tell about how a person feels about things. Our body parts have a deep and intense connection with our personality. They reveal so much about our personality. There are some studies which show that whenever we are nervous and anxious, our body parts show the reflection of the personality phase by doing the movement in a particular manner like nails biting, lips biting and legs movements etc.

Hair Factor: The colour of your hair is a significant factor for the personality. There is various kind of hair colour all around you. Mostly, black and blond colour hair people work differently. Girls with blond hair are confident. Studies say that there is a good connection between the hair colour and IQ level.

Face Factor: The people who have a face like a book are supposed to regulate their feelings and emotions because they express more than they need to. People with the narrow face are trustworthy. A man with a wide face is tricky lier. They lie like an expert.

Forehead Factor: The forehead is not only the beauty factor but it is an important personality trait. People with the braod head are generally genius. The persons having high forehead are likely to be serious and stable. they can regulate their emotions well.

Eyes Factor: There are a number of eye colours we see around us. Black, Brown, blue etc. Colour of eyes shows the inner traits of a person. The blue eyes people are not so strong either mentally or physically. The contrast of blue and brown colour eyes shows the level of emotions of a person. They have an emotional conflict with themselves only.

The Ear Factor: Specialist says that there are more than 50 types of shapes of ears exist. In case the upper part of the ear is larger than the lower one, then the person is quite intelligent. If the ears are flat, a person is more creative.A protruding pair of the ears shows the person’s attention seeking tendency.