Amazing Eyebrow Tutorial in Just 25 Steps.

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The Trend says full brows work the best on any face shape, and this has been going on for a couple of years. It does not matter whether your natural eye brow shape is thin or thick, or whether you over did it with, with the right make up this lacunae can be bridged. From Brooke Sheilds’ 1980 look to cop Cara Delevinge’s hight fashion power brows, you can pull any shape off. The following consists step by step tutorial which will help you get the desired look.

We know how hard it might get to follow text- only tutorials when it comes to make up. We also understand the complexity with the video as you will have to rewind and re-watch every step you attempt. We have done our best to compile the intricacies that follow while doing make up in a picture tutorial.

Many a times you might find your eye brows in a bad shape. Here we have gallery of eyebrow tutorials which will help you undo any mishap that your eyebrows might have been subject to. Be it poor shape or their thickness, here is the answer.

1) How to Fill In Thin Brows

2) Lining and Highlighting for Fuller Eyebrows

3) Runway Ready Long Power Brow Look

4) Eight Steps to Perfect Arches

5) Four Easy Shape Fixes

6) Six Tools and Eleven Steps

7) Below, Above, Down and Up

8) The Triangle Method of Eyebrow Shaping

9.) Bushy Beauty for Fierce Females!

10) Eyebrows Tutorial at a Glance

11) The Covergirl Technique for Tidying Up

12) From Barely There to Pure Perfection


13) The Ideal Shape for Your Face

14) Know Your Angles Eyebrows Tutorial

15) One Product for Super Thick Brows

16) Impeccable Brows in 2 Minutes or Less

17) Cake Powder Creates the Most Natural Look

18) As Easy as Defining and Filling

19) Revlon Recommends a Precision Tip

20) First-Time Eyebrow Makeup Walkthrough

21) Super Simple Beginner Brow Guide

22) The Flawless Brows You Deserve

23) From Over-plucked to Camera Ready

24) So Plucking Smart Eyebrows Tutorial

25) The Big Brows Everybody Wants


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