6 Amazing Tips to Make Your Feet and Toenails Look Fabulous

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We all have a good time to take care of our face. But when it comes to the feet, we become so careless. Our feet face a very hard time, all the day, dust particles, dirt and the uncomfortable footwear is a constant discomfort. Well, these things can cause serious health issues. I know everyone is so busy to get a time for the pedicure and they are expensive too.

But having beautiful feet boost our confidence and make us more comfortable. So here are few tips that you can try at home.

1) You should avoid keeping your feet wet. The wet feet are most vulnerable to the fungus and that can cause a serious health issue. Wet feet can get easily infected. So make it a Mantra to Keep your feet dry. And you should not wear same shoes for consecutive days.

2) Trim your toenails on regular basis. Their improper growth can indeed be painful. But don’t cut them so short and no need to make the corners round.

3) To revive the skin and moisturize the skin of your feet, soak them in warm water. After soaking your feet, scrub your heels using a pumice stone to remove the dead skin and dust particles.

4) I am sure you don’t like cracked heels, and to avoid cracked heels you should moisturize your heels and feet. You can use any cream that has emollient. For example, Vaseline and Lanoline etc.

5) To get beautiful feet and to improve blood circulation and maintains your feet healthy, you should massage your feet. It will be a soothing session.

6) Use foot oil instead of using foot balms, to make your feet look gorgeous. Foot oil will go deep into the skin and make it more beautiful.