Amazing Tips To Choose a right blush for the right Skin !

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Enjoy Blushing!

Choose a right blush for the right Skin!

Blush is an important cosmetic of the makeup used to significantly lift up the face by, generally, highlighting the cheek areas. Applying a blush to your skin tone helps you to look more youthful, chubby and healthy. This cosmetic mimics the natural blush, giving life to your cheeks.

The most fundamental elements that you should be well aware, before applying a blush on your skin are

  • Type of the skin ;
  • The skin tone and;
  • Shape of the face ;

Basically, the type of your skin might fall under one of the categories such as normal, dry or oily or a combination of any of these types. Start by cleansing your face and spreading over few pieces of tissue paper on your face to determine the type of your skin. If these pieces of paper get stuck for a while, then you, probably, have an oily skin; if it doesn’t stick at all, then you have a dry skin. If few pieces are stuck, with the other few of them falling out, then you have a normal skin.

Next is to determine the skin tone that you have – Is it either neutral or warm or cool? There are several ways that you can find and know about the skin tone – such as, placing a white paper against your facial skin and determine its hue, or place your arm in the daylight and look through the visible nerves in the wrist area to find out the undertone that these veins or nerves are emitting out.

The modern day blushes are designed, keeping in view, both the skin tone and also the shape of the face. It is necessary that you apply the blush at the right location of your face to lift it up, rather than apply it vaguely and look shabby.

Once you determine the type of skin and are very well aware of your skin tone and the face type that you have, the next step is to apply blush. Before starting to apply the blush, you should choose the right blush that matches your skin tone .Here’s how you do it:

Choosing a Right Blush

There are various types of blushes available in the market. These could be either in powdered form or in the form of a cream. These blushes could be dependent on the skin tones and the face types.

Decide on Type of Blush

  • Cream form of blush:  Applying a cream onto the layer of skin is beneficial to those whose skin is dry. This cream not only radiates the area of application but also keeps it soft and supple by penetrating into the skin, thus transforming the pale look into a steamy look. The blush cream acts as emollient to minimize the flaking of the skin and helps in concealing the visible fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Quick look on how to apply: All you need to do, in order to apply the creamy blush over your cheeks, is to dab the blush on the apples of the cheeks using your fingertips and spread it by blending it slightly into the cheekbones.
  • Powdered form of blush: Applying a powdered form of blush suits best to those who have oily skin as this powder helps to remove the sweat and absorbs the oil/grease out of the skin. It renders more finished look, when you strob the skin.
    • Quick look on how to apply: All you need to do, to apply the powdered blush over your cheeks, is to pick a large brush and move the brush in a circular motion over the blush and tap the brush to remove the excess of blush. Continue moving along the cheekbones, graduating through the forehead and then down the nose and ending it at chin.
  • Liquid/gel form of blush: The other forms are liquid and gel based blushes. These can be used for a long-lasting look.
    • Quick look on how to apply: All you need to do, to apply the liquid/gel blush over your cheeks, is to pattern out the area of the application by applying few dots of this blush over the cheeks and use your fingertips or a sponge brush to blend it well into your skin.


Choosing a blush based on the skin tone:

Choose a shade that nearly matches the color of your cheeks, as picking a color contrasting to the color of the cheeks will make you look un-natural. Simply try applying the color on your fist and wait for few seconds to find the ideal natural color in no time.

  • Fair skin tones: Pick the light pinks as baby pink, shades of plums and peaches to mimic their natural flushed look;
    • Products : Nars Orgasm or Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface

      Blush on Fair Skin
      Blush on Fair Skin
  • Shallow skin tones: Pick the shades of deeper pinks as reddish-pink, mauve, apricots, peaches to tangerines and orange blushes to add a sun-kissed glow;
    • Products: MaryKay Mineral Cheek Color-Shy Blush. MAC blush in Peaches

      Blush on Medium Skin
      Blush on Medium Skin
  • Dark skin tones: Pick the berry and brown raisin shades, intense oranges and bronze, vivid pinks, brick and rosy reds to add a zing of life;
    • Products: Opt for berry shades between fuchsia to brick red and the sleek blush palette in Pink Sprint
      Blush on Dark Skin
      Blush on Dark Skin


Choosing a blush based on the face type:

The shape of your face matters a big deal as it acts as crucial factor in locating the exact area that needs a blush

  • Square faces: Soften the edges of square-shape faces by applying blush starting from the sides of the nose moving outwards in the areas of cheeks ;
  • Long and oval faces: Apply the blush in and around the apples of the cheeks, finishing at the temples;
  • Round faces: Apply the blush in the areas of cheek and move the blend along the forehead;
  • Heart-shaped faces: Apply the blush starting from the hairline, moving down the eye areas and finishing at the cheeks;
  • Triangular faces: Apply the blush starting from the cheekbones, moving towards the brows, temples and finishing on the forehead. The blush application should be in the “V-form”.

 Finally, Brush Blush to look Plush!

Blush should show up on the face, instead of, completely getting blended into your skin. Apply your blush bit by bit, very carefully to add the layers until the blush color looks natural. Wipe any excess color using a dry cloth.

Enjoy Blushing and look Plushy!

Enjoy Blushing!
Enjoy Blushing!

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