Are You Aware Of These Early Diabetes Symptoms

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Diabetes has been a common disorder in the last years. From children to adults, it hasn’t spared anyone. Many a times its life taking when you don’t get it diagnosed earlier. A majority of people aren’t aware of the symptoms of diabetes and therefore we’re to help. Look at these 9 symptoms of diabetes and question yourself each time you find something or the other common to yourself.

1. Need to urinate often

If you’ve been visiting your washroom more than before , it can be a sign that you’ve got your insulin levels disbalanced. The extra bathroom breaks happen when the body is no longer able to break down food in the manner we are accustomed to.

2. Losing weight

If you’re not trying to get a zero size and are still losing pounds , it’s time to check your blood sugar levels. What seems like a blessing in disguise may actually be a sign of diabetes that needs to be addressed.

3. Wounds healing slower

If your wounds take much time to heal than ever before, it can be a sign of diabetes compromising your immune system .

4. Ravishing hunger and thirst

When your body can no longer process glucose in the same way, you become hungry and thirsty on a more frequent basis. If you are becoming hungry and/or thirsty late at night more often, this can also be a sign.

5. Discoloration of skin

Have you been noticing unsightly skin discolorations taking place in the armpit or neck region? What about the groin? Darker patches of skin on these parts of the body are a sign of diabetes. If it feels like velvet to the touch, see a medical professional right away.

6. Tired

Well, it’s not only that you are getting old. It can also be a sign of changing sugar levels. Increased fatigue can be a major sign of diabetes.

7. Problems with vision

When glucose is allowed to build up inside of the body, your vision is affected. Blurry vision could be a sign of diabetes so better see a doctor.

8. Tingling

If the blood sugar levels in our system start to become too high, this can cause us to experience tingling in the extremities. Tingling in our hands or feet needs to be addressed immediately.

9. Bleeding gums

Bloody gums are a symptom of diabetes that is often attributed to other physical ailments. Even something as simple as overly harsh flossing or brushing can cause the gums to build and these wounds will heal very slowly.


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