Can You Pass This Spelling Test That 90% Of People Fail?

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Some people think of themselves as master of spelling but few times mistakes in spelling of regularly used words can make them feel embarrassed. Spellings are just matter of memorization; everything depends on our memorising power. But somehow few similar looking words achieve success in confusing our mind. Our mind already knows the correct word but the similarities between the words make them able to play with our minds and win the game. Reason behind the spelling failure is that we prefer learning over writing and we think that spelling isn’t important to memorize.

For checking that if you are a significant speller or not, this content might help.

1. Definatley or Definitely

Sometimes people unaware of their mistakes spell definitely as definately. It’s just one of the most misspelled common words and many people find it annoying too to spell definatly instead of definitely.


2. Commited or Committed

It is also a most common mistake done by people. People spell this wrong because commited looks more like how committed should be spelled than how it is actually is so that people often overlook it and think it is spelled correctly.

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