What Your Eyebrows Are Really Saying About You

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The eyebrows are usually known as the one facial feature which is for protecting our eyes from moisture and water falling into them but they also play important role in reading facial expression. The expressions like anger and surprise can be determined by the shape and movement of the eyebrows. They are one of the most expressive features of the face. We can find out what the other person is thinking just by the movement of their eyebrows either if the individual is angry or happy. There are various personality traits shown by eyebrows which vary with the shapes of them and also determines if the person is dominant in nature or not, calm or hyper, confident or not, self-absorbed or social and much more.


 1. The regular arched


These eyebrows are of normal shape, size, length, and thickness. People with these kinds of eyebrows are the ones who want to keep themselves away from the dramatic lifestyle and are always dealing with their own stuff. These people are always seen happy, calm and straightforward because they never interfere in others life and don’t want anyone to interfere in theirs.

2. The natural straight

These kinds of eyebrows are straight with no arch. People with this kind of eyebrows are ambitious and get what they want.  They are most loyal and trustworthy people that are the reason they attract people because of their qualities. They are honest to people and tell people what they need to hear not what they want to hear. They are one thing at a time kind of people.

3. The high arch

These eyebrows are of the right height and are easily noticeable by the people. People with this kind of eyebrows are fun loving. They are one who loves to be the topic of the gossip as they love drama. They take time to mix up with people and want perfection in everything and love to be the center of the attention.


4. The straight up

Straight up eyebrows have no arch at all and upwardly straight. People with this kind of eyebrows are naturally intelligent and are the best decision makers. There is nothing that can cloud their decision. They take no nonsense and are those who never bother and never want to get bothered.

5. The short brow

This kind of eyebrows have no arch and are quite small in length.These  Individual believe in taking every opportunity they get and aren’t good in dealing with dramas.

6. The thick brow

The thick or say bushy eyebrows are ones with a full growth of the hair and looks naturally beautiful. People with these eyebrows love to live the life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of their life.  They are probably the most confident people and are perfectionists in managing things. They always complete the work they have given.


7. The unibrow

In this case, the growth of eyebrows is to the fullest and these eyebrows grow without any break in the inner part of the brows. These people are very creative and fantasy lover that’s why they are a hopelessly romantic individual. They love to keep their life secretive.

8. The thin brow

These eyebrows have been shaped until the form only a small thin line. These people believe on the facts that “give respect if you want the same”. These individual know how to deal with their problems. They could be great advisors if taken seriously.

9. The large gap

These types of eyebrows are quite distant from each other. This could be the result of extra enthusiasm during eyebrow maintenance. They are the cheerful and helping in nature. They are friendly and can mix up with people easily. They easily get stressed if the person they care about is in the problem. If you hurt their loved ones then you are indirectly hurting them.

10. The pointed brow

The pointed brows are thin in shape and are highly arched.

Pretty dominant people have these kinds of eyebrows; they show the personality traits like spontaneous, born leaders and sometimes over emotional. Their spontaneous way to making decisions keep people entertained and they find out the solution of any kind of problem.

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