23 Amazing Beauty Hacks That You Will Always Use

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Not always do we prefer buying those expensive beauty products. Turns out, that is not the only business that is to be done, here are some of the very inexpensive beauty hacks that you can feasibly use! Most of them will actually cost no more than 10$ in fact!

1. Use Raw Potato To Whiten Dark Armpits

Well, it is no lie that most of us do face this problem. We can’t help but ignore it right? Wrong. Well, for starters you might think this particular hack won’t work, keeping your trust issues aside, have full faith in it and see it work! Follow up the link that unveils the magical formula to get what you have always wanted!

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2. Take 8,000 mcg biotin daily for better hair,nails and skin!

I actually read it in the cosmopolitan magazine and i could actually feel the conviction with which it said that taking biotin will actually return in better hair, nails and skin. I could not help but try it out. The magazine said it will take 3 weeks to see it work, if taken consistently. Well, i complied with all of it and seriously noticed that the quality has visibly improved in the forth week! Hence, i suggest you seriously try this one out because of the credibility attached to it! Most of you would say that you take enough diet to get all the basic nutrients but no matter this, supplements like these are needed to get it through in the long run!

3. Save $35+ by using silicone oven mitt dupe to clean up make up brushes

You might have watched videos and through newspapers that getting Sigma Silicone it would be the most feasible for cleaning up your makeup brushes but actually, you can get a dupe for it at the dollar store and save around 39$! It is guaranteed that it will be as effective!

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4. Multi-Masking – put different masks on different areas for combination skin.

Some of us have a hard time finding out are skin type, well because it is combination of oily and dry.It is even difficult to find suitable masks.Instead of finding a 3 in 1 mask,you can create your own to apply on different areas.

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5. Use Panty liners as a shadow shields dupe

It can be a frustrating turn of events when you find out after you apply the foundation and face makeup, you decide to go in for a smokey eye and get shadow all over your cheeks? Well shadow shields are not the answer because they can be expensive and actually not that worth it. Here is a DIY, a very simple one, cut off the ends of a panty liner and get yourself a home made shadow shield!

6. Use Coffee Sugar to exfoliate your skin and help fight cellulite.

Caffeine is an all time aid as it helps to fight cellulite and also tighten the skin. Then,combine it with a sugar scrub, this is DIY beauty recipe is cheap , easy and can be made in under 5 minutes.For more of these tricks and tips, follow the link here!

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7. Apply a deep conditioner to your hair before working out or laying in the sun!

Using an expensive hair mask for a purpose like that would be senseless if you can use an even better thing at a cheap expense! Applying hair conditioner would protect your hair strands from the sun or while working out, it is effective even more because you wear your hair in a bun or braids in summer which will help the conditioner penetrate!

Here is the most inexpensive one! ( via Cosmopolitan )

8. Exfoliate chapped lips with mascara wand!

Your lips can be made soft and tender very easily with this one trick! All you have to do is stop yourself from throwing the mascara wand away! Use it to apply lip balm , this will exfoliate your lips and make them flawless! Check out more on it here!

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9. Need to Shave but dont have time to shower? Get yourself a baby oil!

We have all faced such a situation at one point or the other! To get rid of the stubbly and shave-needy looking legs, you can just avoid the need to go to the shower!That would make you think to go for a dry shave perhaps but the idea of it is even cringe worthy and it has the potential to set your legs on fire almost! Use baby oil, it will leave your skin soft without needing a shower!

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10. Stuck in the shower with no shaving cream? Use conditioner

Using a baby oil is as effective, but my personal experience says not always will we find it around and also using a conditioner can be feasible while travelling even. If you have missed the shaving cream at home, get yourselves the hotel conditioner and make them as soft and smooth.

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11. Use a Q-tip to blend smokey eye to perfection!

Getting ready for a hot date or a very important evening can be pressurizing, so much so that you can forget your eye shadow blending brush! You can do the job easily with a Q- tip that might be easily dispensable at your end! All you have o do is pull the cotton of the Q-tip so that it looks like a cotton candy and use it to blend your eyeshadow to get the most amount of perfection!

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12. Add Liquid Chlorophyll to your water to get rid of hormonal acne!

No matter how careful you are with taking care of your skin, problems like hormonal acne can rock the boat! Kate Somerville, skin experts to the stars has recently revealed that fighting hormonal acne has been a real problem to some which can easily be achievable by adding chlorophyll to your water daily. Reese Witherspoon swears by it. Read about more of these here!

13. Keep makeup wipes on nightstand next to bed

It so happens many a times that you skip washing your face just out of laziness. Well, this little cat of laziness can be harmful in the long run. Respecting the fact that you might have had a long day, here is something to counter it, keep your face wipes near the bed on the nightstand and use them to get rid of the dirt!

14. Easy grab & go lemon ice cubes for lemon water!

Hydrating your skin is very important part of the makeup routine. We might also know, on this note, how important it is to drink warm lemon water as it helps in digestion, clears skin and weight loss. It might so be the case, just like mine, that juicing a lemon first thing in the morning would not be something we might be okay with. I stumbled upon this hack which i found was perfect for me, and hence for most of us, to juice out the lemon and create ice cubes before hand. It won’t just make it perfect but also would help in being consistent.

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15. Store your eye cream in the fridge for extra anti-puffiness power.

This one is sworn by Heather DuBrow of The Real Housewives. Storing your eye cream in fridge helps in fighting puffiness around the eye. I say it is worth the shot!

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16. Spritz your face with a green tea toner to refresh dull and dry skin!

Watch the above vedio by Wengie’s beauty hacks and learn how a green toner mist is a must for your face! She has ten other hacks which are worth giving a shot! Check it out!

17. Sleep with an extra pillow to fight under eye puffiness!

It might seem a little superstitious when you read it at first but actually it has a rationale! Sleeping with two pillows does no magic but the way it props up your face helps in draining out extra fluids from the face and you will notice a refreshing look in the morning! In addition salty food can be avoided and make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day!

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18. Use Apple Cider Vinegar to get rid of warts.

Well this one is the best in the book, and definitely not the most glamorous one. I personally had shared an experience of having warts,tiny ones, in my knee which would keep coming back in-spite of various efforts to counter it! I referred a dermatologist too, did the at-home freezing kit but nothing worked. Then, at last i read it on the interente after much research and finally got the perfect solution, using apple cider. And within a week of using it i noticed that it was vanishing away!

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19. Soak your razor in vodka to keep it clean and make it last longer!

One of the prime reasons that we face a burning sensation after shaving is because of the blade which loses its strength. Using a sharp, high quality razor and cleaning it from bacteria should be the prima facie solutions!Soaking razor in a bowl of vodka would help to clean the razor and also would make it last longer!

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20&21. How to whiten your teeth in 2 minutes.

This is no costly experiment, just an all natural teeth whitening hack. You can very well rely on it and give it a shot!

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If you are as fond of strawberries as i am, you might have strawberries around all year long! Here is another hack to whiten your teeth instantly!

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22. Get Soft feet and hands while you sleep.

It might be really easy to soften your hands and feet. Just apply a generous amount of Vaseline or Aquaphor before sleeping and don’t forget to pit on socks. In the morning when you wake up, you will see how soft your hands and feet feel.

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23. Add Scotch tape to the sides of your nail clippers for cleaner clippings.

It is just so annoying when you start getting your nails clipped and one launches after the other across the room. Hunting for them after you finish the job is another nail in the coffin. Wouldn’t it be the best if only there was something which could solve it? Well, here it is, just stick a piece of tape on both the sides of the clipper, this will stop them from flying and help you have a peaceful nail clipping session.

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