Top 10 Clothing Hacks Every Girl Must Know

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Sometimes we pull up a pair of jeans or an old sexy top to put on. And every time we want to be comfortable and stylish in outfits.  We are covering everything from style to fashion to little tricks with all the dilemmas for bra straps, tight jeans, and loose shirts, in one article.

1) Bra Strap Concealer: This is a clever trick to conceal your bra strap and also prevent the falling of wide neck shirts. All you need is few thin strips of fabric and sew on press studs/buttons.

2) Choosing Necklaces: Choose your jewelry according to the neckline carefully. It should complement your dress and its beautiful neckline.

3) Organize T-Shirts: Your cupboard is a mess! Try this way of organizing the t-shirts. Fold t-shirt horizontally and then make a fold.

4) Salt will Soften Your T-Shirt: This technique requires a little patience. Merge the t-shirt in a salt water solution for 2-3 days and then wash it normally to get the expected results.

5) Smart Way for Folding Lingerie: Do you have a few fancy pieces of lingerie, that are decorating your closet! Here are the turns and folds that will help you keep them properly.

6) Scarf Tying: There are plenty of ways to put on the scarf. There is this one simple and trendy look, you should try. It’s quite easy to follow the steps.

7) Double the Layers to Half the Frump: Want to look slimmer with sweaters than usual! Wear a formfitting tank top between your sweater and button up shirt to keep your midsection from looking frumpy.

8) Removing Deodorant Stains: Baby wipes are a good help to remove the deodorant stains from your dark color clothes.

9) Reuse an Old Sweater: If you are having a sweater that you are not ready to wear again, cut it and make it useful to keep the other areas warm.

10) Belt Trick: Thicken outside of the belt using this simple hack. It will add a bit of character to the outfit as well.

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