8 Easy Beauty tricks of giving fresh look to the tired eyes

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Eyes are the glimpse of the personality and reflection of the heart. Eyes is the first thing that a person looks at so it is very important to make them cool and fresh. But due to stress, it looks tired most of the time. Let’s have a look at ways to make them look less tired.

  • Use Pigments

If eyeliner is not applied properly due to shaky handy, pigments can be used to give dramatic look. All we have to do is towards the outer corner of the eyes and use these pigments on them.

  • Champagne color eye shadow

Apply champagne color eye shadow all over the eyelids and try applying more eye shadow in the middle of the eye to give an instant fresh look to the eyes.

  • Forget Kajal

Eyeliners and Kajal are the most important beauty thing but try avoiding them and instead only using nude color eyeliner for this look.

  • Use bright eyeliner

For bold and beautiful look, apply bright color eyeliners instead of going for black all the time

  • Conceal the corner shrink


Before applying eyeliner apply concelar or a primer to get the look you desire.

  • Choose skin tone friendly eye shadow

Eye shadow complenents the eyeliner so always go for eye shadow shades according to the eye color and your face.

  • Mascara cant be missed

Masacara gives thick lashes, complementing the look of eyeliner and eye shadow so it is a must.

  • Eyebrows should be groomed properly

Eyes are most appealing so it is important that the brows are shapes properly as the look of the eyes depends on the brows.