Follow the steps to make your eyebrows perfect without threading

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For shaping the eyebrows, threading is a painful experience. Every girl wants perfect eyebrows but threading is not always an option especially when they are getting late. Here are some ways how you can get your brows in shape without threading

  • Make your brows beautiful with these easy steps given below

  • If the brows are scattered it look very weird, so shape your brows without threading to make look good

  • Outline both sides of your brows using a pencil

  • Make sure the shape given by you is in coordination with eyes and face

  • Apply a hair removal around the brows as the line is drawn

  • Give the same shape to the brows upward and downward. Apply hair removal both the sides

  • Wait for few minutes after applying hair removal and rub with a cloth

  • Now you have obtained the perfect brow shape with ease.


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