7 Cosmetic Products That Aren’t Helpful At All

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Women are addicted of buying soms products but these products don’t provide any benefits and are useless. Let’s discuss them

Eyelash primer

Eyelash primer is a product which is used to give instant ling eyelashes  but it us useless as it can be done through mascara and eyelash curler also.


Some people buy products that contain cellulite as it is assumed that it is beneficial to the skin, but in reality cellulite has no benefits.

Face water spray


Face water spray is nothing but tap water for which people spend tons of money and its a waste.

Shaving cream for women

Shaving cream is of no use as its just a waste as hair can be removed in other ways too. Also conditioner can do the sane.

Shampoo for damaged hair


The hair falls and gets damaged due to stress and pollution. Even expensive shampoos cant save them. All it is required is to get relived of stress and go for a haircut.

Hand, foot and body cream

Buying separate creams for hand foot and body is a waste az its all the same and works the sane. only the face requires a different cream as face is sensitive.

Cuticle oil

People use cuticle oil to get rid of the extra skin growing but its a waste as nothing can stop them

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