How The Position Of Moles Influences Your Personality!

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It is been said that the position of moles on various positions define certain traits in us. Different kinds of moles at different positions reveal certain characteristic personality traits and here they are explained beneath. Have a look and find out what does it say about your personality!

1.) Mole On Head.

It is said if you have a mole on forehead, you can be a good politician. In addition, if that particular mole seems to have a particular color- red and green, you certainly have the potential to become a minister. You will be successful in most of the endeavors, also on the downside, there are chances that you might be single for ever.

2.) Mole on Forehead.

Your behavior is admirable if you have a mole on your forehead and there are chances that you are successful and wealthy too!

3.) Mole On Cheeks.

You are sentimental one if you have a mole on your cheek. Also, if that mole happens to be on the left cheek then you are likely to be an introvert!

4.) Mole on Chin

You are characterized to have a well balanced life which is full of successes. You are ascetically beautiful too!

5.) Mole just above your lips.

It might be far too presumptuous but you might have the possibility of having twins in future. Also, your self esteem is lower!

6.) Mole on Nose.

This is characteristic to those who are avid learners and visionaries. On the upside, if the mole is present on the right side then you are to be wealthy in very little efforts. And it is quite the opposite when you have the mole on the left side.

7.) Mole on Hands.

If the mole is on the right side, you have strong determination. But, if the mole is present on the left side, it can be a symbol for a disappointment. You won’t get the result in accordance with the efforts you put.

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