This mind blowing easy eyeliner hack is the best trick ever

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There are various means in order to apply eyeliner on your beautiful eyes. Below are some tips by which you can know how to apply an eyeliner in a correct way.

In order to get a cat-eyed eyeliner, place a tape at the corner of your eyes in a diagonal order. By the help of this method, you can get perfect winged eyeliner.

For the perfect line, you can use a tape and place it on top of your eyelid in such a way that the eyeliner can be applied in a proper straightway.

In order to use liner on the inside part of the tape on your skin, you can go for applying the cover girl bombshell intensity liner.

In order to get the final perfect cat eye, go for removing the tape and then with the help of mascara curl your eyelashes and finally your look is ready.

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