16 Eyeliner Hacks, Tips, and Tricks That Will Change Your Life

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Eyeliners highlight the eyes and make the eyes shine. Eyeliner is the first thing that comes to a girl’s mind when we think of eye make-up. But it is very difficult to put that perfect eyeliner with the perfect size and perfect wings. Here are some tips that might help you to keep your eyes shining.

  • Pull your skin around your eyes so that your eyeliner is in the perfect shape.

  • Apply pressed powder below your eyes with a small brush so that they don’t smudge. This also highlights the area under the eyes.

  • Tightline to avoid thick eyeliner. As they make your eyes stand out. 

  • Drawing the pencil on the curler, curl your lashes and apply the liner at once.

  • With these fashion designer styles, model your eyeliner.

  • Smudge your eye liner perfectly to avoid smudge look.



  • Apply black shadow to make your waterline last longer.

  • Learn how to use eyeliner as eye shadow in a pinch.

  • Figure out your brush for your kind of eyeliner.

  • To give a smudged look, heat your liner under a flame.

  • Depending on the look you want, go for black, white or nude waterline.




  • White eyeliner is a great way of opening your eyes. Learn all the things you can do.

  • Choose the style which goes best with your eyes!

  • The look of your eyes can be changed on how you apply the liner. Have a look !


  • To pop your eyes using liner, use these tips!

  • Change your eye look by different methods of using liner. 

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