5 Reasons You Should Never Wear Flip-Flops

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Flip’s flop ade the most comfortable as compared to other shoes so it is loved by all. But it can create some harm to us which is why it tends to be avoided and not worn.

Sandals made from rubber may leak chemicals

Sandals made from rubber can leak chemicals which can lead to cancer so it os advised always the avoid tgem and keep children away from them.

Flip flops lead to foot pain

Wearing flip flops can lead to foot pain. As there is band od tissue leading from heela to ball of the foot which can affects us and lead to lack of support.

Wearing flip flops equals more injuries

Flip flip can lead to injuries and other problems as it doesn’t xover the whole area od the feet so always be careful.

Flip flops are not safe for driving

Driving with flip flops on can result to the legs getting stuck in break pedals so it is not a good idea to wear them while drawing.

Flip flops are hell on heels

To keep your feet away from the dirt always keep your feet moisturised and clean before wearing any footwear and stepping out.


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