5 Ways To Grow Nails in No Time

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I still remember the days before my marriage when I wanted to grow my nails in no time. It is not so easy to get the desired growth and shape of nails in very less time. Yes, I know you can go for nail extension, but try these tips at home and you will get natural growth of nails.

  •  1) Hardener: To avoid breakage of nails and to make them strong you should take care of applying hardener and base coat on nails. In case you are too busy to get the time for a full manicure, then make sure to apply the coats of clear polish every week. It will help your nails to grow fast.

  •  2) Moisturize: Just like our skin, our nails and cuticles need moisturizer. The weather has a major effect on nails and skin, so in winters you cannot afford to forget to moisturize your nails.

  • 3) No Acetone: Have you ever checked the ingredients of your nail polish remover? If your answer is NO, then you should check it. Acetone is there is most of the nail polish remover and it removes all the stubborn products easily, but at the same time, it destroys the natural oil from nails.

  • 4) Wear Gloves: Wear gloves while doing household work like washing dishes, cleaning floors and bathrooms. There are enormous harmful chemical in the products we use to clean the floors etc. They can have a bad effect on your nails.

  • 5)No Nail Biting: Like me, if have habit of biting nails, please stop it right away. And the best way to do it by applying a good nail polish. It doesn’t even look good to bite nails.

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