Hold Your Fingers and See The Miracles

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Our hands have so many points that can help us and take control of our mind and body. Today we will discuss those points and touch them, to see the miracles.

THE PALM: Palm is so much responsible for emotions and feelings. To avoid stress, nausea, constipation, and diarrhea massage your palm daily.

SURYAMUDRA: If you have the problem with indigestion then you should try Surya mudra. This mudra is helpful for those who have lost appetite.

THUMB: A headache and anxiousness can be prevented by pressing thumb for around 5 minutes every day.

MIDDLE FINGER: Massaging your middle finger will make you calm. If you are short tempered, you can try it daily.

RING FINGER: It will help you to get rid of negative emotions and sadness.

FOREFINGER: To take control over your feelings of fear, embarrassment, and disappointment, you should start massaging your forefinger.