13 Surprising mistakes you are probably making when you apply makeup

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In your daily life you do apply a lot of makeup, and being unaware of the fact that you might apply it in a wrong way too, you do it in a carefree way thinking you do really know the procedures on how to apply them and use them and all the tips and techniques.

So, below are some mistakes which you usually make and of course the ways in order to prevent them are also listed.

  • Using dirty brushes 


Do you actually remember cleaning your brushes? If not, then it’s high time you get them cleaned. Not cleaning your brushes regularly will lead to skin breakouts and will also not let your makeup look fresh and glowing. You can make your own brush cleanser or get one from the nearby market store.

  • Storing your makeup in the washroom 


When you keep makeup in the washroom, you literally make the products you use prone to the bacteria of the washroom. Also, the moist of the showers can also dry up your makeup products. So in order to be on the safer side, always keep and store them in your bedroom.

  • Not Exfoliating 


Exfoliation is to be done once or twice a week and not more than that. If you don’t exfoliate then your skin might develop dry patchy spots which can further make problems in setting your makeup smoothly all over your face.

  • Applying foundation to totally Bare skin  

Getting a natural look is also important after makeup. You will not want a cakey texture, right?? So putting foundation on a bare skin is not at all healthy for your skin. Before this, apply a primer and then go for the foundation after which you will get an even skin tone.

  • Not switching your foundation based on the season

Based on the seasons, the foundation type is also supposed to change. Your skin tone is different in the different seasons so a variety of foundation is to be included in the skincare routine according to specific changes in the season.

  • Matching Foundation to the back of your hand

In order to find a true and perfect foundation match, you should match the area beneath your jaw. Never go to the area at the back of your hand, this is not going to give you the exact tone of your face.

  • Wearing Waterproof Mascara every day

Wearing mascaras that are waterproof on a great occasion is agreed. But if you are wearing it almost daily then this is something which you should immediately stop in order to prevent your lashes from getting brittle and hard and breaking off further.

  • Using too many products on your eyebrows

To go for a natural look, start brushing at the base of your brow and then brush it out naturally instead of coloring it in such a way that it looks very weird on your face.

  • Applying concealer straight underneath the eyes

In order to hide the dark circles underneath your eyes, what you do is apply a lot of concealer in a semicircle way. This is the wrong method. The correct way to do this is by applying the concealer in a V-shaped way such that all the dark circles in that area get hidden away.

  • Applying Concealer Underneath Foundation

The right way to apply concealer is after you have already applied your foundation. After that dab an amount of concealer on the affected areas and pimple prone areas in such a way that it looks a bit natural. Applying concealer before foundation gives a cakey texture.

  • Curling your lashes after applying Mascara

In order to make your lashes more natural, go for using the lash curler before applying the mascara. In case you use it after applying mascara, you will tend to make your lashes look more unnatural.

  • Applying makeup in the wrong lighting

Always try and get your makeup done in such a place where there is natural lighting instead of places with extreme lighting because after that when you go out, you will start finding differences and faults in your makeup. So it is better to do in natural light as you will then look great both inside as well as outside.

  • Applying too much powder on your face

Putting on excess powder can make your makeup look messy, unnatural and cakey. So, apply some powder on your T-zone and some on your cheeks in order to remove the excess oil present on your face.

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