Top 10 Tips To Judge The Right and Wrong People

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Do you have the ability to judge others? Can you just look into someone’s eyes and predict accurately about what the person is thinking. So let us discuss what exactly are the signs that can reveal what a person is thinking and feeling. There are nine pieces of advice given by first class detective that will help you see right through people.

THEIR BASIC MODEL OF BEHAVIOUR: There is a wide range of physical behaviors that people engage in. Some people have the habit to stare at the floor during a conversation, cough or rock back or forth on feet or scratch their heads.


There are different reasons for the different behavior of people. Knowing the basic model of someone’s behavior will let you understand that whether the person is doing it normally, or in deceit, anger or immaturity.


CHECK THEIR QUIRKS: Look out for the quirks of a person. Pay attention to the basic model of individuals words, gesture, and behavior. It is very easy to find from the first glance that either person is hiding something or not. A person is nervous if he tried to clear the throat several times.


PAY ATTENTION TO THE GESTURES: Every gesture defines some certain meaning. But when one gesture after other follows in a pattern, pay attention. Let’s say for example someone is scratching the head and then cough and shuffle their feet at the same time, you need to be alert that there is something wrong.

COMPARE THE BEHAVIOR: If someone is talking to you, not in a regular manner, then pay more attention towards them. Do they interact with others in the same manner or the facial expressions are changing and must check the body language and the postures of that person. Look into one’s eyes and if their pupils are dilated, they must be lying to you. If a person is smiling but not able to make eye contact, look sideways, be careful, he is being lied to you.

LOOK IN THE MIRROR: Mirror neurons are located in the brain and reflect the condition of your mind. There are certain neurons that activate the muscles when we smile at the happy facial expression. So, the facial expressions can tell a lot about smiling, liking someone, feeling upset or not liking someone.


STRONG VOICE: A self-confident person has a strong voice that can dominate the voices around. So the leader of a group always has a confident voice. And the gestures define the confidence in you.

OBSERVE THE WALKING PATTERN: If a person looks down towards their feet while walking, it is a symbol of lack of self-confidence. And if a people lack fluidity in their movements, they are not that confident.

ACTION WORDS: Action words give a better sense of how a person thinks. For example, if your boss says that he “decided to work with company X,“ the action word here is ”decide.” This one word indicates that most likely, your boss is: a) not impulsive, b) weighed up different courses of action, and c) calculates several steps ahead.

  1. IDENTIFY THE FUNDAMENTALS: Basics of a person’s quality :
  • Is this person is introvert or extrovert?
  • What feeds their ego?
  • How does the person cope with risk, stressful condition and uncertainty?
  • How do they interact with others?
  • How they behave when they are relaxed?

Keeping your mind active and remembering the points will help you to understand the person’s behavior.


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