Amazing Ways to apply makeup in the correct order!

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The best way to look good is by balancing and by managing the makeup we do and apply on our face. It is not always necessary to know all the tricks and plans of makeup. Below are some tips step-wise on how to apply your makeup in the correct sequence.

  • Prep your Face

The correct sequence in order to prepare your face is:

By applying face wash and washing it,

Then apply moisturizer on your face as well as neck and moisturize it,

After that go for applying the sunscreen and,

Finally, apply the primer foundation with the help of your finger-tips.

  • BASE

The correct order to apply base is shown below:

At first go for applying the foundation cream all over your face and neck before applying the concealer. This foundation will help in covering all kinds of spots and wrinkles.

Then go for applying the concealer on your face which will help in covering all the blemishes, sports, and pigmentations.

The last step includes applying translucent powder all over your face on the T-Zone, on your nose and cheeks and upper lip area.

  • Eye Makeup

The proper order in which you got to do your eye makeup is being shown below:

At first, apply the eyeshadow primer on the eyelid of yours.

Then go for applying the base of the eyeshadow.

Then do the eyelid shadow part of the eye makeup.

After that go for the crease eyeshadow part

The under eyeshadow is also one of the most important things on the to-do list.

Then the outer corner shadow which is also very much necessary to be done in order to make the eye look stunning.

Similarly, the inner corner shadow as the upper corner shadow which is equally important.

After that line your eyes with the help of an eyeliner.

Curl your lashes with the help of eyelash curler.

After that, the final step includes the mascara. Apply it or use the false lashes.

  • LIPS

The correct ways in order to apply makeup on your lips are being shown below:

The first step includes a lip balm which is being used to provide moisture to your lips making it more soft and supple.

The second step includes outlining your lips in order to give the lips a proper structure when the color is being filled.

After that go for applying the lipstick which will fill the whole area of your lips making the lips look stunning.

For extra shine and for glow, you can also go for applying the lip gloss.


The correct sequence in order to do makeup on your cheeks is given below:

Go for applying the bronzer at first. Go for applying the bronzer in parts where you want your makeup to be highlighted.

Go for applying the blush in areas like the cheekbone and also on top of your eyebrows.

The final step includes contouring and highlighting your face in order to complete the look.

  • Eye Brows

At first go for applying the eyebrow wax in order to set the eyebrows.

After that go for applying the eyebrow pencil in order to fill the gap between your eyebrows.

After that apply the eyebrow powder in order to set the eyebrow pencil color and also in order to give it a natural look.

The last step includes applying the eyebrow highlighter in order to highlight the areas which are to be more visible.


In order to set the makeup on your face for a longer period of time, apply the setting spray which is an essential part of any makeup.









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