12 Signs That You Have The Right Man

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Eager to know them, right ladies? Well anyone would be. We all know that marriage is a life changing decision. You have to spend an eternity with each other. So, you all want to know if your partner is the right person for you. Here is something for the ladies. Each man does has his own unique traits, but there are some signs that are similar to all the right men. Here are 12 of them .

1. Consoles you

If you’ve had a bad day and ended up being in a bad mood, and aren’t even willing to talk; but still he endlessly tries to console you and listens to all your shit, then you have the right man for sure. He cares for you and remains patient and holds you both together.

2. Simplifies your life

If he makes your life simple , fills it with love and care, what else do you want.

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