Different Eye Colors And What They Say About You

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It is a very common belief that to know a person one should look in their eyes. Eyes are not only of blue, black and brown but alot of color in between. The color of the eye, reveal alot about a person, from body type to the behaviour of a person.

Let’s have look at these amazing characteristics of different colored eye people.

Blue-Eyed People Are Less Prone To Vitiligo

OCA 2 and TYR plays an important role in blue eye color, and it can also help in decreasing the risk of vitiligo.

Dark Color Eyes People Are More Sensitive To Alcohol

Dark coloured eye people are more sensitive to alcohol and drugs then light coloured eye people. Hence it is advised dark coloured eye people, to drink less of alcohol.

Light-Eyed People Can Suffer Age Related Macular-Degeneration

Degeneration is the loss of vision, which is faced by many after the age of 50. It is a result of illness, smoking and also having light coloured eye.

Women With Lighter Eyes Could Withstand Pain Better

Women with lighter eyes have much more discomfort and pain tolerance capacity then dark coloured eye people.

Cataracts Are More Common Among Dark Eyed People

People having dark eyed needs to protect their eyes from Ultraviolet rays by wearing glasses as they have 1.5- 2.5 chances of developing cataracts.

Changing Eye Color May Indicate Health Problem 


Frequent change of eye colours is a sign of a disease. It can be Warrensburg Syndrome or Neurofibromatosis or the melanoma of the iris.

Melanoma Is More Common In Blue-Eyed People 

The blue eyes decrease the risk of vitiligo while increases in melanoma. An over-active immune system causes to attack the bodies mistakenly to make them a susceptible.


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