Don’t Let Your Eyebrows Look Awful

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Eyebrows give the appeal to the face. So it is very important for the eyebrows to be in correct condition for face to look pretty.

Here are some tips to keep your eyebrows in shape

Create a shape of the eyebrows instead of squaring the front part. Use tiny strokes either with a pencil or a brush with brow powder. Don’t extend the tail as it gives unnatural effect to the face. To know where the brow ends hold the pencil and outline it.

Don’t do the arch specially if you have high arches. Groom your eyebrows by shaping the eyebrows according to the face cut. Make sure it looks neat.

Don’t over pluck the eyebrows as a spare part is left which makes it look weird. But if in case there is a spare part, it can be hidden with a brow pencil and brow powder. Use a light shade concealer instead of outlining the eyebrows with a highlighter, to brighten up the eyebrows.

Don’t overfill the eyebrows and do not use the wrong brow powder as it will spoil your brows and make them look absurd. Don’t fill the eyebrows if you are not used to as you may end up spoiling it. Filling wrong color can also ruin it, so better not blend them then make them look unnatural. Use tiny hair strands and not one line to fill the brow. Also use brow products as less as possible.

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