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Eyebrows define the eyes and also the cutting of the face. The face looks very bad with bad eyebrow shapes and so it is necessary to keep your eyebrows in shape every time. Some women have fewer eyebrows while some have more yet the shape of the brows are very weird.

Here I am going to provide you the technique to shape your brows perfectly and to make them look thick and in shape :

Anatasia’s beauty pallete comes with all the tools required to shape the eyebrows, bro wax, a duo of eyebrow shades, a highlighting duo, angeled brush and complete set of eyebrow stensils. Lets get started to shape the brows. Go for high arch stencil.

1. Apply the brow wax on your eyebrows for minutes and let them stay for few minutes.

2. Now choose your weapon of choice.

3. Line up the stencil to cover yoir brows. The lining on the stencils will help you in guiding as to how to cover the brows according to the shape.

4. ‎The stencils have two section. Apply your choice of color on the first section.

5. ‎Position the stencil on the outer arch a little in so that the eyebrows doesn’t extend too far and doesn’t look fake.

6. ‎again fill the brows.

7. ‎Now go back to the part where the arch connects and touch the section that needs fixing to be done. 

8. ‎widen the inner part of the brow as shown in the image, as it looks better.

9. ‎Now the eyebrows are done.

10. ‎Now take the stencil and wipe it from both the sides to remove the brow color stuck on them.

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