Know The Surprising Results Of Placing Clothespin On You Ear

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You may be shocked reading it. But actually , this is real. The famous reflexologist Helen Chin Lui says that “Each ear contains a complete reflex map of the body, rich with nerve endings and multiple connectors to the central nervous system.”She speaks about one unusual way people can boost their health, treat various issues, and experience relief soon.

The technique involves placing clothespins on different areas of the ears. The ears have 6 spots which are related to different body organs and regions. Therefore, by stimulating these spots, you can solve various health issues effortlessly.

1. The upper part of the ear

This part of your ear is related to the shoulders and back, so pressing it for a minute daily will reduce the built-up tension in these areas and you’ll feel relieved.

2. The top of the ear’s curve

This is an important point to place a clothespin whenever you feel discomfort or internal tenderness. The reason is that this point is associated with all the organs.

3. The upper middle part of ear

This is the part concerned with joints and that’s where you need to place clothespins whenever you suffer from joint pain or stiffness.

4. The lower middle part of ear

When you’re in a bad state suffering from sinusitis or a sore throat and congestion, you should be putting a clothespin at this point. It’ll not only treat them but will also help you to fall asleep.

5. Just above the earlobe

Being linked to the digestive system, this point helps you to soothe stomach pain and boost digestion, and prevent any stomach related issues.

6. The earlobe

This is a major point as it is related to both the mind and the heart. So it’ll soothe headaches and migraine and will aid heart health.

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