Secrets To Keeping Your Skin Clean And Clear In 2019

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While there’s no magical cure for obtaining healthy looking skin, there are definitely things you can do to help promote clean and clear skin. Unfortunately, these skin secrets aren’t always advertised which is why we’ve created this list to help you get the most out your skincare regimen in the new year.

Here’s what you should know about keeping your skin flawless in 2019:

Never Wash Your Face In The Shower

Unless you shower in cold or luke-warm water, you shouldn’t be washing your face in the shower! Hot water isn’t good for your skin. It can dehydrate your skin and constrict your blood vessels.

It’s best to wash your face after you shower, so you can make sure the water temperature is ideal for your skin.

Get At Least 7 Hours Of Sleep

Sleep matters, probably more than you realize. Getting a good night’s rest isn’t just important for increasing your productivity and decreasing your stress levels, it’s also the best way to take care of your skin.

You can spend hundreds on beauty products, but if you barely sleep at night, you’re probably not going to see a difference in your skin.

Don’t Rely On Your Cleanser Too Much

Your cleanser isn’t powerful enough to remove your makeup especially if you’re using waterproof makeup that’s meant to stay on your face for a long time. This is where makeup removing wipes come in!

They’re designed to help remove your makeup so your cleanser can actually go to work.

Avoid Scrubbing When You Have A Pimple

There’s nothing more annoying than seeing a pimple pop up on your skin. But keep in mind, an acne flare-up doesn’t necessarily mean you’re neglecting your skin. So, don’t feel like you have to increase your cleanser use or scrub every day with an exfoliant. Sometimes, a pimple is your skin’s way of telling you to relax and leave your face alone.

If you’ve been washing your face a lot and paying a lot of attention to it, you might want to take it easy, so your natural oils can go to work.

Don’t Make Makeup Wipes Your Go-To

Even though makeup wipes can help remove makeup, they aren’t strong enough to effectively clean your face. Think of makeup wipes as the first step in a semi-long process. You have to remove your makeup; then you have to cleanse and wash.

If you rely on makeup wipes too much, you’re not going to see a lot of improvement on your face.

Find Your Zen

Do you know just how much of an impact chronic tension and stress have on your body? It’s a lot! When you’re anxious or stressed out, your body releases hormones that break down the collagen in your skin; causing your skin to produce wrinkles and even acne.

Take time to find your zen and alleviate the stress you feel. We know it might sound frivolous, but it’s so important to make sure your body can manage stress. Make this a priority in 2019!

Never Wash Your Face After A Mask Or Peel

Face masks and peels typically say, “wash your face before using.” And guess what? They say that for a reason! For these products to be effective, they need to be applied to bare skin. Which means, you should cleanse and use toner on your face before applying a mask. Then after you removed your mask, don’t touch your face! You want to let the ingredients you just had on your face soak in and actually work.

If you wash your face after spending 30 minutes wearing a clay mask, what the heck was the point of applying the clay mask, to begin with? Don’t waste your time (or your money.)

Don’t Fall For All The Fads

Sure, Kylie Jenner might be endorsing a product, but that doesn’t mean you should jump on it. Everyone’s skin type is different and what works for one person (yes, even a celebrity) might not work for you. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting and trying new things, but make sure you’re buying based off your skin type. Don’t just purchase something because a celebrity said to.

(Keep in mind: Celebrities are getting paid for their endorsements, so their reviews might not be the most honest.) Do your research on something before buying it and ALWAYS do a skin test on your arm before applying anything to your face!

Make Small Changes, Not Big Ones

If your skincare products aren’t providing you with the best results, get rid of them. Just don’t do it all at once. Instead of starting an entirely different regimen, swap out one product for another slowly…very slowly.

You don’t want to make big changes when it comes to your skin because that can cause negative reactions. Plus, it’s easier to pinpoint what’s upsetting your skin if you change one product at a time.