She Cut A Hole In The Crotch Of Her Leggings For A Reason I’d Never Considered.

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If you are bored of using your old leggings and you want a change for a good cause then you are at the right place. In this article we’ll show you how to recycle your old leggings into tops. It saves your money from buying a new top. This incredible fashion trick will show you how to recycle those old leggings into a cute new top. It’s really amazing and after trying this trick you will be addicted so much that you’ll want to turn all of your leggings into tops, and then you’ll be sad because you won’t have any leggings but one thing for sure that this cropped top will look amazing on you! Make sure to wash your cropped top first before putting it up in order to keep the smell away.

If you are sort of crop top then don’t worry you just need to grab a pair of old leggings.

For changing your old leggings into crop top you need a pair of scissors.

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