The Secret to Longer, Fuller Looking Lashes

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Eyelashes help to give you dramatic and attractive look and to achieve that we turn to do everything from coconut oil to avocado masks. We have even applied castor oil to our eyebrows in an attempt to grow thick eyelashes. A long, dark and beautiful eyelash increases the appeal of the eye. For a perfect makeup the mascara and other touches are absolutely necessary. Without styling eyelashes you will feel that something is missing that you need to fulfill by adding mascara to your lashes.

Here in this article a quickest and easiest way is discussed to make your lashes look thicker. Just follow these steps and with a little practice you will be able to create curl to your lashes like professionals.


Step 1. Start with Makeup-Free Lashes

First with cleaning your eyelashes in order to get makeup free lashes.

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