This Liquid Liner Trick Is The French Girl Beauty Hack You’ve Been Waiting For

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Eyeliner is prominent for enhancing the most beautiful feature of our face that is our eyes. Eyeliners provide definition and impact to our eyes. They have intense ability to change the shape and the size of our eyes by creating optical illusion. Eyeliner also varies in the state they either can be pencils, liquid or cream but the effect and ingredients remains same.

The method of application also varies with the eyeliner for instance pencils are more easily applicable than the cream and the liquid eyeliners. Most of the women don’t play it good with liquid eyeliner because liquid eyeliners easily get smudged and destroy their whole look in couple of minutes. Women unintentionally mess with their full make-up just because of the wrong application method of eyeliner. Eyeliner is something which needs a lot of time, patience and stability and moreover, a proper method of application.

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